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I was planning a trip to Taiwan and wanted to rent a scooter, but I couldn't find a rental shop that would accept my license. Within the day, my Double assistant found a rental shop near my hotel that confirmed they accepted International Driver's Permits - all I had to do was complete the booking. Delegating took only minutes, but saved me more than an hour.

Sam Cialek

Founder at
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When I don't want my team to spend half their day on data entry, paying $30-60 to offload it to a Double is a no-brainer. With a Double Assistant, I’m confident the work is high-quality, and it spares us the hassle of finding and vetting someone qualified on Upwork.

Leoni Runge

Co-founder at Zaya Care
How long does it take to delegate something?
Depending on the task, and how much instruction you want to share with a Double assistant, delegating a task from start to finish takes most people 3-15 minutes.
How much does it cost?
Once you've defined the task you're delegating, you will have the option to select the number of tokens you want to purchase for the task.

Each Double token costs $25, and is equivalent to a "small" request taking about half an hour - such as doing simple research or comparisons, and making straightforward reservations.

For more complex tasks that take over an hour - like building a list, large data entry, or other multi-day projects, you can purchase additional tokens, making your total $50 for a medium task, or $100+ for multi-day projects.
How fast can I expect my assistant to get things done?
We try our best to assign every task immediately, to the most qualified Double for the request.

Within 24 business hours, a Double will review and confirm starting to work on your task, sharing their ETA and any follow-up questions they may have for you via email.

Depending on the scope of the task, an experienced assistant may take anywhere between a few hours, to a few days, to fully complete the task. Assistants are generally not on-call during weekends and holidays.

For complex tasks, or requests that require more specialized expertise, the assistant assigned to your task may send you drafts or concise follow-up communication to keep you updated on their progress.
What if an EA makes a mistake on my request?
Each task you delegate will be performed by a skilled Double assistant to the best of their abilities, and reviewed by a member of our team.

If you find that a task is partially completed, or in need of a revision, you can easily request reasonable additional work to your Double assistant to get the quality work you deserve!

Depending on the task, a Double assistant may not be able to guarantee a specific result, such as obtaining a tricky reservation for an event or venue, or booking/cancelling services on your behalf.

In the event that an assistant cannot accept your task to begin work for any reason, we will issue a refund for services not rendered.

Double assistants are based in the US, Canada, and France. Each assistant is meticulously vetted for their experience and skills before onboarding to support clients at Double, and receive ongoing industry and security training.
Do I get to choose the EA that works on my project?
We take care of assigning your task and performing quality control checks. This means you don’t have to vet the assistant candidates, or negotiate their rate and scope of work yourself!

Each task is assigned to a Double assistant well-equipped to handle your specific request in a timely manner, for a standardized fee.
What if I want a part-time or full-time EA?
If you’re looking for a dedicated EA for ongoing support, sign up for a monthly plan at Double. You’ll be matched with a Double assistant with a set of specific industry experience, skillset, and other attributes you’re looking for, local to your timezone.

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